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Fond Farewell to The Marshfield Tavern
Saturday, February 11, 2017
Fond Farewell to The Marshfield Tavern

With a heavy heart and many fond memories we say goodbye this weekend to The Marshfield Tavern. Bill Last and many members of his family worked to create and maintain a welcoming, fun, family friendly environment at the Tavern. This weekend it will close for good. In several weeks it will re-emerge under a new theme, name and ownership.  I was lucky to share some of my photographic work on the walls since the first day. I was never anxious to sell those works; they seemed to belong there.  Now that the work of these photos is done it's time for me to refresh my collection and pass part of Marshfield's history on to new owners. In the days to come, I'll have pricing ...

For Orlando. For Peace and Understanding
Tuesday, June 14, 2016
Fond Farewell to The Marshfield Tavern

Many times when adequate words escape me I look for a photo, an image, on which to place my hopes, motivation, fears and anger.Today I didn't have to look. It found me.To the victims of the Orlando shootings and their families and friends, I really have no words. My heart is heavy and still. There is no excuse, there is no rationale for the many factors that contributed to this horrific, life changing, life ending event.Talking about gun control almost seems useless. Everyone has an opinion and is sticking to it. I'd like to address the media and the viewers who continue to promote violence as a means of "negotiation" and making one's point at any cost. Hollywood has its blood on this, too. ...

Marshfield's Grad Night Live 2016
Sunday, June 05, 2016
Fond Farewell to The Marshfield Tavern

Just back from Marshfield's Grad Night Live preview, Marshfield's Grad Night Live 2016. So grateful for the wonderful spirit in this town! So grateful for the leadership, sponsors, volunteers and donors who make this night possible. Be safe kids! Have fun. Feel the support of your community. It's really such a great effort. Graduates, tomorrow is a great day to advance your plans. Tonight, heed the notes and signs we left for you. One sign not depicted here yet reminds you to be in the moment. This moment is for you. Be safe and enjoy!Follow this link for several more preview photos:Marshfield's Grad Night Live 2016Note that you can "View All" at the top of the photos' page. 

Awakening an Old Blog
Saturday, February 13, 2016

 This is a little wake up call for a neglected blog. Neglected no more. Expect to find photographs, tips and workshop details coming soon. Sign up for Adobe Creative Cloud, Photoshop or Lightroom to prepare for future workshops. Let the fun begin! tell them that sent you. 

The Artists as Art on Memorial Day Weekend
Friday, May 23, 2014
Fond Farewell to The Marshfield Tavern

Ever feel as if you're on an endless treadmill? Many of us do. No matter how long their to do lists have become our Marshfield neighbors take time out each Memorial Day weekend for two important celebrations. First, and more importantly, we have town wide Memorial Day celebrations. From the town parade to Veteran's Park to the color guards that grace each cemetery in town, local residents join in spirit with others around the country –and globe – to reflect, give honor and express thanks for all the U.S. men and women who died during military service. It's hard to find words to acknowledge what we owe them. Liberty is more than a word, march or song. It is a freedom that we can ...

Friday, February 21, 2014

 It seems as if everyone is a photographer today. Our social media streams are jammed with smartphone, iPhone and modern filtered images. Some are interesting; some just noise. As a photographer following other many other photographers, friends and students my news feeds are jammed with images. At times it's discouraging.Why discouraging? Mostly because the public is having so much fun making images it seems they've lost the sense of what constitutes a good image or a long lasting image. I wonder if today's photography consumer is creating, purchasing and saving images for posterity or if they are simply made and posted for today's social scoreboard.Which brings me to today. I'm ...

Sheet Metal Workers' Local Union 28 Centennial Jubilee
Sunday, October 20, 2013
Fond Farewell to The Marshfield Tavern

  Just over one week ago nearly 1,000 people took part in a celebration for the ages at the Metropolitan Ballrroom of the Sheraton Times Square. The evening's guests - members and friends of Sheet Metal Workers' Local Union 28 - realized it was a great gift to attend a special, historic, centennial gala within their own trade group. Clearly, joy and pride flooded the room for the accomplishments of the Sheet Metal Workers' Local Union 28. Admiration for the honorees brought dinner guests to several standing ovations. Respect and gratitude for the union were also evident - as was much camaraderie among co-workers and friends.Honorees and special guests included Gary LaBarbera, ...