This site is dedicated to Mom, Muriel C. Drapeau, and to Alan E. Kennedy, my ever-loving husband, who patiently and lovingly tended to her at our home for more than three years. As much as I will miss Mom every day of my life, I will also miss the sweet, tender relationship that she and Alan shared. I was truly blessed to have my two best friends under the same roof.

Graciously, Mom learned to accept our assistance. Although her little body was broken down, her humor and loving spirit were as strong as always. Moreover, her compassion and attentiveness to the people around her continued to make everyone she met feel better about themselves. What a loss to us, but what relief to know that she finally has received what her body yearned for: eternal rest.

Thanks to all who loved her and helped us. Thanks to all who view these photographs as friends on the same journey. Thanks to my husband for his amazing gift of time and compassion. Thanks to God for loaning us Muriel for 90 years.

Rest in peace, Noodles. You've surely earned it.

(The rest of Mom's 90th birthday photos have finally been uploaded to a separate website. Please use the CONTACT link to request the address of that site.)