The genesis of each image is a truth.

For decades photographs were accepted as the indisputable images of record for newspapers, magazines and courts. We know that no longer prevails, as photographic editing tools are even more readily available and more easily mastered.

Yet in each image some truth is still revealed. That truth may be an expression of hope, appreciation, historical record, sorrow or humor. It might convey a sweetness, relationship, belief, love, beauty or simply creative fun.

Before entering the editing stage of a photograph I hope I ask why: Why is it important to give time to the creation and completion of a particular image? Just because an image can be edited doesn't always mean that it should be. Sometimes an unaltered snapshot may appropriately tell a moment's story. Other times what we see isn't what we want, know, feel or experience. Editing helps the image to better convey the chill of winter, the relationship between parent and child, despair or love.

Hopefully, the time spent making and viewing these images is time well spent. If they inspire you to look at the world and the people around you any differently, if even for a moment, then they have succeeded. If they inspire you to observe the world, its blessings, beauty and troubles, or evoke recollections of a pleasant time or gathering, then they have succeeded. Moreover, if you are inspired to call a loved one, tend to a neighbor, reconcile with your family or friends, educate or protect the planet or its inhabitants, then we have succeeded together.

I welcome your comments, suggestions, criticisms and stories. Thanks for your time and interest.

-- Connie